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 The Science of Total Recall of your Dreams...

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The Science of Total Recall of your Dreams...  Empty
PostSubject: The Science of Total Recall of your Dreams...    The Science of Total Recall of your Dreams...  I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 18, 2013 9:21 am

Believe it or not you can learn to recall most all your dreams. With these simple techniques you can start remembering dreams within the first or second night of practice. It's sort of like self hypnosis in a way. You are simply making suggestions to your mind before you are completely asleep. This state of mind is called the borderline sleep level. It is when your brain is most likely to absorb the suggestions.
They say that certain foods can cause bad dreams. Well I don't know if that's true but, I do know from personal experience that when I eat cheese or drink milk, I seem to have more intense dreams. Not necessarily bad dreams. Then again, sometimes when you eat food before bedtime that gives you indigestion, it might seem that it is causing you to have dreams. This is do to the fact that the indigestion is keeping you slightly awake. You know that borderline sleep level I mentioned earlier, so you are slightly aware of these dreams. There is one other thing to consider. If you are having intense dreams and they are in color then more than likely you are having a OBE. Out-body-experience or otherwise known as astral arojection. We are not going to get into that for right now. We will on another page. All right let's get going! There are 4 easy steps to this. That's it!

1. Preparing for Bed : Try to get the body as relaxed as you can. If you have to stretch or even do Yoga all the better. You can even meditate to clear your mind, so that that you are more prepared for the next step. You don't have to eat or refrain from eating before bedtime. You may do as you like. Try experimenting with eating different foods before bedtime and see if you get any different results in the end. Make sure you have a pen and pad handy to write with next to the bed.

2. Programing : This is the most important part. When you get to that borderline sleep level (which is right before you are completely asleep) you must tell yourself over and over again that you will remember all your dreams and you will wake up after each dream and write down your experience. If you don't like having to repeat all that then try tape recording yourself saying these things. Make sure that you tape at least 10 - 15 min. worth. That should be sufficient.

3. Taking Notes : This is also very important. If you successfully wake up
after each dream, then you must write down everything you can remember in detail. Write down whether the dream was in color or black and white. This is why we will keep a pen and pad next the bed. Make sure not to put it in the bed with you. You don't want to end up stabbing yourself in your sleep. Then you must try to go right back to sleep. Keeping the pen and pad handy. Hopefully you will go right into another dream and repeat the process.

4. Reviewing the Night : Now it is time to review the night. You will be amazed at how many dreams you actually had that night! I usually find that I have 10 - 15 dreams a night and sometimes more. Everyone dreams and everyone dreams many times a night, they just don't know they do until they try something like this. Make special note of dreams that are in full-blown color, for you will want to reference them once you start studying astral projection.

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The Science of Total Recall of your Dreams...
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