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PostSubject: Marduk-apla-usur   Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:06 am

His Assyrian contemporaries were probably Shalmaneser IV (783 - 773 BC) and/or Ashur-dan III (773 to 755 BC) and the latter one is known to have campaigned in northern Babylonia on three occasions: 771 BC (against Gannanāti), 770 BC (against Marad) and 767 BC (against Gannanāti again). Into the vacuum created by the devastation, the southern Chaldeans were able to rise to power and he seems to have been the first member of the tribal group to have made pretensions to the Babylonian throne.[1] His place in the sequence of kings is known from a Synchronistic King List fragment[i 2] His length of reign and dynastic affiliation are unknown, but the Dynastic Chronicle records that “the dynasty of Chaldea was terminated. Its kingship was transferred to the Sealand,”[i 1] and, as his successor was Erība-Marduk, the archetypal ancestor figure of the later Chaldean monarchs, it is surmised his origins were with a different Chaldean tribe.

He is mentioned in a fragmentary Neo-Babylonian narrative text from Uruk along with Nabû-šuma-iškun, which unfortunately provides no further enlightenment about his time apart from a passing observation that “forced labor and corvée were imposed
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