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 The Development of Occult Tarot

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PostSubject: The Development of Occult Tarot   Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:48 am

Although much of the groundwork for today's occult Tarot lore was established in the late-1700s, the only part that became popular during the subsequent century was fortune-telling. Before the more elaborate myths and esoteric systems could become popular, occult Tarot had to be invented a second time. This happened in the mid-19th century. New systems of correspondence were invented and additional layers of legend were overlaid. This second invention came at just the right historical moment, at the beginning of the Victorian occult revival, and by the end of the century both French and British occultists had developed various schools which took the 15th-century game to be the Absolute Key to Occult Science.

Detailed Timeline

Tarot History: 1801 - 1900
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The Development of Occult Tarot
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