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 Surviving Rules and Tarot de Marseille-style Decks

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PostSubject: Surviving Rules and Tarot de Marseille-style Decks   Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:42 am

A few decades later, rule books for various games were being published in several languages. Tarot was included among the games in a 1659 collection, La Maison des jeux academique, which included several French versions of Tarot and a Swiss one : Ancient French Rules

Although Michael Dummett wrote that "a million is probably a highly conservative estimate of the number of Tarot packs produced in France during the seventeenth century", only a handful have survived in whole or part. Nonetheless, these surviving French decks (based on a 15th-century Milanese style) include examples of the style later popularized by occultists, which is also the only style known outside of Italy prior to the mid-18th century. Although originating in Milan and produced in many areas beyond Italy and France, the style is commonly referred to as Tarot de Marseille or TdM. Tarot was also introduced to Sicily in the 1600s, where another variant deck developed.

Detailed Timeline

Tarot History: 1601 - 1700
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Surviving Rules and Tarot de Marseille-style Decks
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