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PostSubject: FLYING OINTMENT RECIPES   FLYING OINTMENT RECIPES I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 18, 2013 8:23 am

As many more advanced witches and magicians know, the flying ointments used today differ greatly from those used hundreds of years ago. This is because many of the old recipes were designed to make people think they had projected astrally with the use of hallucinogens and other narcotic drugs. Using such materials today is not only illegal, but stupid and ineffective. The goal of astral projection is to successfully separate the consciousness from the body, not damage your nervous system permanently. The recipes below are effective when used properly. They will not make you sick or compromise your ability to distinguish a genuine projection experience from a false one. Always remember that a flying ointment will NOT cause astral projection on its own. You have to hone your technique carefully to achieve a legitimate projection. An ointment will however, help you to create the proper state to begin the process. The rest is up to you.

Base Ingredients
The base of most ointments is almost always beeswax (some witches use soy wax) and a good, natural oil (almond oil is best). No other preservatives should be in with your basal ingredients. They tamper the effectiveness of your mix. These two mixed together form a substance with a semi-solid consistency that will not spill but can be spread, like margarine. The beeswax is generally melted using a double boiler. A glass double boiler here is better than metal, because metal will seep into the mixture and interfere with your projection, whereas glass will not. Use 3 parts wax to 2 parts oil to achieve the proper consistency for your ointment. Use as little as possible of the base, keeping in mind that you will be adding the essential oils drop by drop. If you go crazy with the base you will not be able to smell the scents in it over the natural scent of the base.

NOTE: Always heat the beeswax on the lowest heat possible and watch carefully for signs of burning. Oil can easily catch fire and result in injury. Don't take this lightly. I've nearly burned my house down on more than one occasion making ointment. It catches fire far more easily than you would expect so take all precautions (fire extinguisher, baking soda and common sense--NOT water as the fire could spread) to avoid disaster.

Magick Incantations
As soon as your beeswax is melted, you should add the base oil in and stir in a clockwise direction as you recite the following:

My will shall seep into this pail
and guide my eyes beyond the veil.
Here many people prefer a hard and fast recipe with the mistaken impression that some magic bullet recipe will accomplish what hard work and perseverance will not. Sorry, there is no ultra secret recipe that will change your life. Astral projection is REAL. I know many reliable people who perform this feat regularly. It is possible and YOU can do it. However, more important than a recipe is your ability to master mediation and self hypnosis. Be patient and allow your mind to master all the mental techniques necessary for success. It does take time, but just about everyone who sticks with it succeeds eventually. You can too.

As for the remainder of the recipe, all of the following oils are designed by nature. They create the state of mind conducive to getting your mind out of your body to travel for awhile. They also enables you to get back in your body when you are ready.

There are two categories of oils. You should choose at least FOUR from each category to be successful. Use the amount specified. Remember to keep skin and bronchial allergies in mind. If you have a history of allergy with a substance, don't use it. I have used every combination listed below. As long as you pick at least FOUR from each group, you will have a potent flying ointment that will not fail you. To formulate the MASTER FLYING OINTMENT, use all of the oils listed below together in the same mix. Use 1/2 the drops listed below for this master recipe. When there are an odd number of drops, move up one to the next whole number.

Bilberry: 6 drops
Dittany of Crete: 8 drops
Mugwort: 4 drops
Mace: 8 drops
Parsley: 4 drops
Cinquefoil: 2 drops
Sandalwood: 6 drops
Jasmine: 9 drops
Benzoin: 9 drops
Clove: 6 drops
Vervain: 7 drops

Wisteria: 6 drops
Nutmeg: 3 drops
Citronella: 2 drops
Ginger: 5 drops
Musk: 8 drops
Mullein: 7 drops
Kava-Kava: 2 drops
Meadowsweet: 7 drops
Basil: 4 drops
Ash: 5 drops
Thistle: 8 drops

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