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 Moon Traveling Through the Signs of the Zodiac

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Moon Traveling Through the Signs of the Zodiac Empty
PostSubject: Moon Traveling Through the Signs of the Zodiac   Moon Traveling Through the Signs of the Zodiac I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 18, 2013 8:17 am

The above title looks complicated, but it's the best way that I can think of to describe this section. The moon is constantly traveling through one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. It imparts different energies to us as it moves from one sign and into another. Planning your rituals around the appropriate dates is an extremely effective way of adding energy to your magick. By following the below indications you can easily coordinate your workings with the proper time periods. Keep in mind that the moon stays in each zodiac sign for about 2 1/2 days before briefly becoming Void of Course and then changing to another sign. This seems like a short period each month to be able to perform specific spells, however, sometimes the moon will enter a sign early enough in the month that it will return to it again at the end of the month giving you double the time to work with that same sign each month. Also, some ritual intentions are compatible with more than one astrological sign, and this increases the amount of time you have available to you as well.

Moon in Aries
Aries is the beginning of the soul's evolution and thus the beginning of new projects is especially favored at this time. As the zodiac's cardinal fire sign, Aries imparts massive energy to workings that involve leadership, will power and authority. Aries is the infant of the zodiac and as such is protected by the fierce energy of the planet, Mars. This is also an excellent time to perform protection rituals as well as any kind of rituals for strength, power, control, lust and sex.

As ruler of the brain, face and head, the sign of Aries is highly compatible with healing spells for these areas. Rituals to relieve migraines and sinus trouble are especially effective during Aries.

Moon in Taurus
Taurus is the first earth sign in the zodiac chain. It is also ruled by the planet Venus, which balances Taurus' need for material things with a great tendency for warmth and love. Spells for money, material goods, and healthy relationships are best performed during this time. The determined (and sometimes stubborn) nature of Taurus makes it especially powerful in creating long term results.

As ruler of the throat and neck, the sign of Taurus is highly compatible with healing spells for these areas.

Moon in Gemini
As an air sign, Gemini is most compatible with spells aimed at creativity, fresh ideas, travel and diplomacy. Gemini can also help to uncover hidden motives, but it is a difficult sign to work with because its inherent duality can make your ritual workings shift gears suddenly and without warning.

As ruler of the lungs, shoulders, arms and hands, the sign of Gemini is highly compatible with healing spells for these areas.

Moon in Cancer
Cancer is a cardinal water sign and as such it is perfect for all spells involving the family, domestic life, the home, children, and especially fertility. Like all water signs, Cancer is especially suited to divination work of all kinds.

As ruler of the chest and stomach, the sign of Cancer is highly compatible with healing spells for these areas.

Moon in Leo
Leo is the second fire sign. All spells having to do with social popularity, leadership, celebrity, courage, authority, employment and charisma are best performed when the moon is in Leo.

As ruler of the back, heart and spine, the sign of Leo is highly compatible with healing spells for these areas.

Moon in Virgo
Virgo is the second earth sign though it's attributes differ considerably from that of Taurus. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury and thus its material tendencies are not tempered by the same degree of emotion that governs the planet Venus. However, spells for education, intellectual matters, minute detail, health and/or healing are ideally suited to this sign. With such a powerful mental influence as Mercury in Virgo's corner, no detail ever gets left to chance, which makes it ideal for workings that necessitate many different things going on at once to achieve a single goal.

As ruler of the nervous system and intestinal track, the sign of Virgo is highly compatible with healing spells for these areas.

Moon in Libra
Libra is the second air sign and is represented by the scales as a symbol of its profound balancing energies. Any spell which requires balancing out extremes is best performed while the moon is in Libra. Rituals to ease legal problems in which you are in the right are best suited to this sign. On the other hand, legal problems in which you are not right and the other party has indeed been wronged will almost certainly fail when performed under this sign. Also, spells for partnerships, unions, healings, romance, peace and artistic expression are ideal under Libra.

As ruler of the kidneys and lower back, the sign of Libra is highly compatible with healing spells for these areas.

Moon in Scorpio
Scorpio is the second water sign and is highly favorable to divination, psychic power and advanced ritual workings as well as concealing or revealing secret matters. Scorpio also carries great sexual energy and being a water sign, it is excellent for workings of fertility. When in doubt concerning the best way to approach a particularly difficult ritual working, meditation on a Scorpio day will usually provide the necessary insight for success. Being ruled by the planet, Pluto, Scorpio is well suited to transformations and reinventing an aspect of a situation or an element of your personality.

As ruler of the sex organs, the sign of Scorpio is highly compatible with healing spells for these areas. Rituals to recover from infertility are ideally suited to the sign of Scorpio.

Moon in Sagittarius
Sagittarius is the third and final fire sign. It carries all the usual fire sign energy, but being mutable, it also add a great deal of intellectual energy to the mix. Spells performed for truth, publications, legal matters, healing, communications, protection, optimism, travel, education and teaching are best suited to Sagittarius.

Also, while Scorpio is best suited to uncovering the mysteries of the occult through divination (a definitive water sign trait), Sagittarius is best suited to carrying out those newly discovered techniques (an active, fire sign trait).

Sagittarius, however, is not a good time to perform spells for diplomacy or divination.

As ruler of the thighs, liver and hips, the sign of Sagittarius is highly compatible with healing spells for these areas.

Moon in Capricorn
Capricorn is the third and final earth sign of the zodiac. Being determined though not quite as stubborn as Taurus, Capricorn is especially stable and best suited to spells for organization, ambition, stability, career, acquiring material things and behind the scenes political moves.

As ruler of the skin, bones, knees and teeth, the sign of Capricorn is highly compatible with healing spells for these areas.

Moon in Aquarius
Aquarius is the third and final air sign and thus imparts its most advanced elemental qualities through service to others and ensuring equity among all individuals. Great creative power can be raised during this time of the moon's transit, but it should be directed properly in the following areas to avoid imbalance and possible reversal of you intentions. Work spells for freedom, friendship, psychic abilities, artistic endeavors, creative flashes, problem-solving, overcoming addiction, learning or furthering science and aiding the disenfranchised.

As ruler of the blood, ankles and calves, the sign of Aquarius is highly compatible with healing spells for these areas.

Moon in Pisces
As the third and final water sign, Pisces is the strongest sign for divination communicating with spirits and any other kind of Mental Magick including clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, lucid dreaming, Dream Magick and precognition. Creativity as a form of Mental Magick in and of itself is also strong at this time, but only when approached in the proper meditative state.

As ruler of the lymphatic system and feet, the sign of Pisces is highly compatible with healing spells for these areas.

Fire opposes Water
Air opposes Earth

Spell intentions that correlate with fire are less successful when performed when the moon is in the opposite sign of water. The same is true for air and earth spell intentions.

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Moon Traveling Through the Signs of the Zodiac
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