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 Deities with Buddhist appellations

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Deities with Buddhist appellations  Empty
PostSubject: Deities with Buddhist appellations    Deities with Buddhist appellations  I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 16, 2013 8:57 am

Dizang: ruler of the ten hells
Four Heavenly Kings: four Buddhist guardian gods
Gautama Buddha (釋迦牟尼, Shìjiā móu ní)
Guanyin (also Kuanyin): bodhisattva associated with compassion
Laughing Buddha

Cangjie: had four eyes
Chang'e: goddess of the Moon
Chi You: tyrant who fought against the then-future Yellow Emperor
Da Yu (Yu the Great): founder of the Xia Dynasty and famed for his introduction of flood control and for his upright moral character
Daoji: folk hero known for wild and eccentric behavior; maintained a compassionate nature
Eight Immortals Cao Guojiu
Han Xiangzi
Han Zhongli
He Xiangu
Lan Caihe
Lu Dongbin
Tie Guaili
Zhang Guolao

Erlang Shen: possessed a third eye in the middle of his forehead that saw the truth
Four Emperors (四御, Sì yù): heavenly kings of Taoist religion
Fangfeng: giant who helped fight flood, executed by Yu the Great
Feng Meng: apprentice to Hou Yi, and his eventual murderer Yu Huang (Jade Emperor)
Beiji Dadi
Tianhuang Dadi
Empress of Earth

Gao Yao
Gong Gong: water god/sea monster resembling a serpent or dragon
Guan Yu: god of brotherhoods, martial power, and war
Hànbá (旱魃)
Hou Yi: archery deity; married to Chang'e, goddess of the Moon
Hung Shing
Jum sum: god of sleep and dreams
Kua Fu: a giant who wanted to capture the sun
Kui Xing: god of examinations and an associate of the god of literature, Wen Chang
Lei Gong: god of thunder
Lung Mo: Chinese woman deified after raising five infant dragons
Matsu: goddess of the sea
Meng Po: responsible for reincarnated souls forgetting previous lives
Nezha: Taoist protection deity
Sun Wukong (also the Monkey King)
Tam Kung: sea deity with the ability to forecast weather
The Cowherd and Weaver Girl
Three August Ones and Five Emperors: a collection of legendary rulers
Three Pure Ones: the Taoist trinity Daode Tianzun
Lingbao Tianzun
Yuanshi Tianzun

Town god
Tu Di Gong: god of wealth and merit
Tu Er Shen: managed the love and sex between homosexual men
Wenchang Wang: god of culture and literature
Wong Tai Sin: possessed healing power
Wu Gang: endlessly cut down a self-healing bay laurel on the moon
Xi Wangmu: Queen Mother of the West
Xiang River goddesses (Xiangfei) É huáng (娥皇)
Nǚ yīng (女英).

Xihe, goddess of the sun
Xingtian: headless giant decapitated by the Yellow Emperor as punishment for challenging him; his face is on his torso as he has no head
Yuqiang: Huangdi's descendent, god of north sea and wind
Zao Jun: kitchen god
Zhao Gongming (also Cai Shen): god of prosperity
Zhong Kui: vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings
Zhu Rong: god of fire
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Deities with Buddhist appellations
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