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 greek gods

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The Olympians

These gods are the most important and powerful gods. The home of these gods was Mount Olympus, except for Hades who is only allowed on Olympus once a year. He lives in the Underworld the rest of the time.

Greek name

English name

Roman name


Aφροδίτη (Aphroditē)



Goddess of love, beauty, and desire. She was married to Hephaestus. Ares is her lover and she loves him as well. Eros is her son.

Aπόλλων (Apollōn)



God of the Sun, music, archery, poetry, healing, and prophecy. He is Artemis' twin brother, and Son to Zeus.

Άρης (Arēs)



God of war, murder and bloodshed. Brother to Hephaestus, and is the lover of Aphrodite and son of Zeus.

Άρτεμις (Artemis)



Goddess of the hunt, wilderness, wild animals,especially deer and fawns, night, and the moon. Apollo is her twin brother. Artemis is the virgin goddess and is also protector of maidens.

Αθηνά (Athēna)



Goddess of wisdom, weaving, the arts, warfare and reason. She is the favourite daughter of Zeus.

Δήμητρα (Dēmētra)



Goddess of fertility, grain and harvest. Demeter is a sister of Zeus. Her daughter is Persephone, Hades' wife.

Διόνυσος (Dionysus)



God of wine, parties/festivals, madness and merriment. He is a son of Zeus.

ᾍδης (Hades)



God of the Underworld. Brother of Poseidon and Zeus.

Ήφαιστος (Hēphaistos)



God of fire and the forge. Ugly son of Hera and Zeus is his father in some accounts. Married to Aphrodite, but she does not love him because he is deformed and as a result is cheating on him with Ares.

Ήρα (Hēra)



Goddess of marriage, women and childbirth. Zeus' wife and sister.

Ερμής (Hērmēs)



God of flight, thieves, commerce and travellers. Messenger of the gods. Zeus's son by Titanness.




God of the sea, . His sons are the Heavenly Tripplets, Polyphemus and Triton and the Cyclops. His weapon is a trident by which he can stir up the seas, wreck ships and drown sailors.

Ζεύς (Zeus)



The father of all fathers, the wisdom and light. The king of the gods after killing his father, Kronos, who ate Zeus's siblings but their mother managed to save baby Zeus. When Zeus grew up, he fed Kronos a mixture of wine and mustard to make him vomit his immortal siblings who had grown up in Kronos's stomach. Zeus is the ruler of Mount Olympus and the god of the sky, thunder and lightning. Though he is married more than once, his real queen is Hera. Zeus is the father of Hermes, Hephaestus, Hercules, Dionysus, Athena, Ares, Apollo, Artemis and Persephone.

There are twelve olympians, Hades is listed on this list and is sometimes called an Olymipian, but he is not technally one of the twelve olympians.

Minor gods
Eos - Goddess of dawn and sister of Selene and Helios
Helios - God of the sun and brother of Selene and Eos
Selene - Goddess of the moon and sister of Helios and Eos
Ariadne - goddess of passion and mazes (was a mortal princess engaged to Theseus but was abandoned and married to the god Dionysus and made Immortal.)
Aeolus - god of winds (at birth was mortal made Immortal)
Asclepius - god of medicine.
Bia - Goddess of force.
Cratos - God of strength and power.
Deimos - Personification of terror; brother of Phobos.
Eris - Goddess of discord.
Eros - God of love
Psyche goddess of compassion
Geras - God of old age.
Ganymede cupbearer of the Olympians.
Harmonia - Goddess of harmony.
Hebe - Goddess of youth.
Hecate - Goddess of magic, witchcraft, necromancy and crossroads.
Hestia - Goddess of the hearth, fireside, family, and home, was one of the Olympians until she gave up her throne on for Dionysus, occupies fire on Olympus.
Hypnos - God of sleep.
Janus - God of doors, gates and new beginnings.
Chione - Goddess of snow (her father is one of the gods of the winds).
Leto - mother of Artemis and Apollo.
Metis - mother of Athena
Enyo - goddesses of war and peacekeeping
Eileithyia - goddesses of childbirth
Momus- God of blame.
Moros - God of Doom.
Nemisis - Goddess of consequences and revenge.
Nike - Goddess of victory.
Persephone - Goddess of spring and flowers and wife of Hades, hence queen of the Underworld.
Phobos - God of Phobias and fear in general; brother of Deimos.
Thanatos- God of peaceful death.
The Erinyes - Otherwise known as The Furies. Goddesses of revenge.
The Horae - Actually two groups of separate goddesses worshiped in different periods: the first three were goddesses of the seasons, the second generation were goddesses of law, justice and order.
Tyche - Goddess of luck, destiny and fortune.
Zelus - God of dedication.
The Moirae: Klotho, Lachesis and Atropos - Controllers of life and destiny.
The Muses - Representatives of the arts, sciences and songs.
The Oneiroi: Morpheus, Phobetor and Phantasos - Personifications of dreams and sons of Hypnos.
Pan - God of the Wild.
Iris (goddess) - Goddess of the rainbow.
Triton - god of ships, prince of Atlantis
Paean - doctor of the gods.
The Keres goddesses of violent Death.
The Charites - goddesses of charm, beauty, human creativity, and fertility.
Pallas - god of warfare
Melinoe - goddess of ghosts.
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greek gods
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